How Diamonds and Nature Intersect

How Diamonds and Nature Intersect

Different forest and mining laws and policies have been implemented in different countries over the past decades, largely due to large diamond mining practices. Because of the over dependence of some economic businesses over forests and mines, different governments have implemented laws and policies to preserve them. However, the world has also seen how forest law affects business especially in countries and sectors where forest materials are in demand for the supply of economic products and goods. Mines must also be protected by law, as the hunt for natural diamonds has increased, as reported by industry leader, LJWest Diamonds.

Different industries highly depend on the forest in order to supply the demand on certain materials needed to produce economic goods for people. Despite the underlying fact that the main goal of these laws are for the preservation of the planet’s environment, some of these laws and policies are overly restrictive to the economic flow of certain business which has affected not only the urban environment but of also the rural areas that depend on the forest as a form of livelihood.

The following are a list of ideas on how forest and diamond mining laws affects business:

  •     Lack of materials for goods and services.
  •     Because of the lack of materials, products begin to lose quality.
  •     No product to produce means there are no work for people.
  •     It stagnates the economic potential of certain areas or countries

Rationalizing these ideas, it is obvious that some of these laws have to be reviewed and revised in order for business to be functional and useful, even if negotiations need to take place via encrypted phone calls. Don’t get confused, though: tree removal is not exactly like tattoo removal or acne removal. It’s a much more destructive process. While Forest Law may bring positive results in the environment within a certain period of time, businesses may also be affected. Europe, specifically, stipulates a high supply of timber. With this great demand, timber manufacturers create more supplies in accordance to people’s needs. If their supplies are not sufficient for the consumers, this might induce illegal logging. Forest Law involves both timber manufacturers and consumers. Legal papers should be documented. It is indeed a tedious process for businesses. All transactions of businesses will be investigated especially the purchase and receipt of wood. If some steps have not been followed in accordance to Forest Law, these businesses may pay for the consequences.

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